Jump To Health MLM Review

Chances are that you are reading this post because someone has already tried coaxing you into selling Jump to Health Products and joining their MLM program.  However, you remain skeptical about the legitimacy of the business, and somewhere along the line, in your quest for answers, you have found yourself here.

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Well, congratulations are in order because you are in the right place. Here, you will get to understand the MLM company, its products, and the compensation plan and find out if you can make money selling these products. Although many have decided to build their own online businesses and not get involved with multi-level marketing, the information provided in this post will help you make the right decision in the long run.

Jump to Health Overview

Jump To Health Products - Can You Make Money With This MLM?

There are 4 individuals who are responsible for the growth of Jump To Health products: Audrey Sommerfield, DR. Michael D. Seidman, Randy Mitchell, and Janice Jackson. The founder and CEO of this company is Audrey Sommerfield. Sommerfeld has worked globally on some of the worlds leading brands and has created and launched 44 products in 59 countries, creating over $632MM in revenue.

DR. Michael D. Seidman, is board certified in otolaryngology and neurotologic surgery. He received his medical degree from the University of Michigan and is an expert on the molecular basis of aging, noise-induced hearing loss, otologic/ neurotologic skull base surgery, all aspects of ear, nose and throat surgery, and complementary/integrative medicine such as herbal therapies, nutrition and antioxidants and their relationship to health, sports and aging.

Randy Mitchell is a distinguished business consultant and mentor, boasting close to two decades of executive experience in direct sales. Janice Jackson has spent the last 2 decades in corporate C-Suites and Boards leading global marketing and sales teams to drive growth, build brand equity and develop profitable product portfolios in the consumer-packaged goods industry.

Jump to Health sprung up during the later part of 2018, with the company’s description revolving around the health and wellness niche. Prior to founding the company, she worked at ViSalus under the position of Vice President of Marketing and Brand Development. This was in the year 2007, and during that era, the company flourished greatly. 

However, in the year 2013, Audrey Sommerfield decided to leave ViSalus and venture into other businesses outside the MLM scope. Conversely, in the year 2018, she had a change of heart and decided to establish an MLM-based business, giving rise to the Jump to Health Company. 

The company owes its astronomical growth and development to the executive pieces put in place to oversee different areas of the company. Apart from the founder and CEO, Audrey Sommerfield, the company acquired DR. Michael D. Seidman.

His acquisition is one that brought about immense growth in the company, as the nutrition expert is passionate about his field, as well as helping people live healthier lives, making him an invaluable asset to the company.

Similarly, the company also acquired Randy Mitchell as president and in Field development. Randy Mitchell is a well-known business consultant, mentor, and coach with close to twenty years of experience in executive and industrial dealings. His presence is one the company needed, as he focuses on the company’s business and strategy development. On the whole, the company’s foundation seems to be solid, and its growth will definitely continue.

Jump To Health Products – Should You Sell Them?

Jump To Health Products - Can You Make Money With This MLM?

Jump To Health products can be sold if you become an associate through their multi-level marketing plan. Nonetheless, the company makes it clear that it’s all about nutrition and general wellness. Hence, their products center on different nutritional supplements. 

However, the company decided to take things a step further. With the distribution of different nutritional supplements, the company claims to fill in the nutritional gap, providing more energy, results, and rewards. Their goal does not stop at providing nutritional products to people in need. 

They also aim to provide health awareness, as the media indulges more in the medicine business than the health business. Some of their nutritional supplements include:   

  • Fat and Carb Shield: This supplement helps you maintain track presence while reducing the harmful effects that fats and carbs produce. It also helps block the body’s sugar absorption. This product settles at $45.00 per 60 capsules.
  • Core Shake: This supplement acts as a 2-in-1 pack, providing healthy nutrition, as well as weight management, with one of the active ingredients being lecithin. You can buy a 22 servings pouch for just $60.00. 
  • Control: This supplement merges ingredients that curtail hunger while simultaneously boosting energy and supporting metabolism. This product settles at $42.50 per 60 capsules.
  • Excelerade: The Excelerade is the best energy drink for your consumption, improving body and brain function. You can buy a tub of 20 servings for $48.75. 

Jump To Health Compensation Plan

The company has 9 ranks, paying residual commissions through a uni-level system. They also offer affiliate members a reward for bringing in new customers and affiliates.

Residual Commissions

The company pays affiliate members residual commissions through its uni-level system. This compensation plan has a total of 8 levels. Additionally, the payment excludes affiliate sales, paying affiliate members on GV instead. 

Retail Commissions

The company earns up to 25% commission whenever a customer buys a product through a registered affiliate member. Jump to Health receives an increased commission through customer sales bonuses. The increase based on monthly PV produced generates:

  • Monthly sales reaching $999, as well as receiving a 10% customer sales bonus
  • 30 day sales from $1,000 to $1,900, as well as receiving a 15% customer sales bonus
  • Monthly sales from $2,000 and above, as well as receiving a 30% customer sales bonus

The PV is not restricted to affiliate purchases. They also acknowledge personal purchases as well. Furthermore, as an affiliate member, you receive a credit for subsequent monthly auto-ship if you are able to acquire 3 preferred customers within a month.

Sponsoring Commissions

The company has what it calls the Jump Start Bonus for registered affiliate members. They acquire this package if, within the first 30 days, their invitees sign up with or purchase the Jump Start Package. Jump to Health pays this bonus through a uni-level compensation plan that has a total of 4 levels. Furthermore, Jump to Health provides its registered affiliates with other bonuses, including:

  •       Leadership Bonus
  •       Business Bonus
  •       Real Bonus
  •       Matching Bonus

Registration Cost

Affiliate members can choose between the $79.00 yearly membership fee and the $9.95 monthly membership fee. On the Jump to Health official website, you will find two Jump Start Packages to choose from. The packages include:      

  • The Jump Start Keto Basic: This package is all about utilizing a keto lifestyle to bring about weight loss, as well as body renewal. The retail price for this pac`kage is $173.00.
  •  The Jump Start Keto Advanced: This package is the same as the basic package with the addition of Keto Energy. The retail price for this package is $211.25.

For A total overview of the Jump To Health Compensation Plan, below is a video that goes into greater detail.

Jump To Health Products – Are They Worth Your Money?

Unlike most MLM programs built on false advertising, Jump to Health is 100% legit and true. The executives are capable, and they have a positive track record in terms of their past endeavors. However, it is important to have a personal experience with the product to improve your chances of turning in sales. 

Overall, this company provides a good opportunity to earn income with its retail products and incentive compensation plan. It is definitely worth trying out if you have a soft spot for this niche. 

Unfortunately, making money through multi-level marketing is a very difficult proposition, regardless how good the products are. In view of that fact, many entrepreneurs have decided to learn how to build an online business from the comfort of their homes.

Multi-Level Marketing, Regardless Of The Product, Is A Difficult Business Model

Below are some startling statisitics with referrences, regarding the mulit-level marketing industry:

  • 99%: According to the Federal Trade Commission this is the number of all MLM participants who lose money
  • You are 38%: more likely of making money with your own small, home-based business than by joining an MLM
  • There is a 10% – 20% higher rate of making a profit with an online business than it joining an MLM
  • You would have a 300 times higher chance of winning a game of roulette in Las Vegas from 1 single spin of the wheel than you would making a profit with an MLM 
  • 47%: The number of participants who flat-out lose money according to the AARP Foundation
  • 27%: the percentage of people who make no money whatsoever in a MLM – AARP Foundation
  • 26%: The meager amount of people who actually earn a profit participating in MLM’s 
  • 53%: This is the percentage of MLM participants who earn less than $5000 a year
  • 39%: the number of people who QUIT MLM’s because of trying to sell services and products to family and friends damaged their relationships
  • 50%: Percentage of MLM reps who quit within 1 year after joining 
  • 95%: The respective number of reps who quit within 10 years
  • 75%: The number of people who have participated and left an MLM and state that they would never join another MLM in their life
  • 1,049: The number of MLM reps who make less than 70 cents an hour according to a 2018 poll of MLM reps representing various companies
  • 20%: of people involved with MLM’s never made a sale
  • 60%: percentage of people involved with MLM’s earned less than $500 within the last 5 years of joining 
  • 32% of people involved with MLM’s financed their MLM “business” by getting in creditcard debt


References for the above facts are from the following sources:

Learn How To Make Money Online Without Multi-Level Marketing

The biggest problem with MLMs like this is that you are at the mercy of the company and its products. And if you don’t get good support from the company, you will never succeed. Also, the minute your team starts quitting, it’s the beginning of the end of whatever success you’ve managed to achieve.

People enjoy the idea of MLMs because they think that all they have to do is sell products. When in reality, it’s usually much more difficult than “just selling products.” If a work-from-home opportunity is really what you are looking for, check out my #l recommendation on how to start your own online business. 

You’ll get plenty of support–in fact, 24/7 support. You’ll also get a website, hosting training and some pretty awesome tools to ensure your success. It’s the very same platform I’ve used to create this blog.

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