Vida Divina – Health And Wellness MLM Review

You may have come can across Vida Divina when searching for ways to make money and maybe wondering Is Vida Divina A Scam? Vida Divina appears to be a great opportunity to earn some extra money, but Is Vida Divina A Scam?

Before you decide to become an affiliate, you must have knowledge of what Vida Divina actually offers, and is it a scam or not. In this brief blog post, we will discuss the facts about Vida Divina.

In this review, we’ll discuss some facts related to Vida Divina and multi-level marketing.We will also discuss if it is the right opportunity for you or not.

Is Vida Divina A Scam – Brief  Summary

  • Product Name: Vida Divina
  • Joining Fee: $135-$1,360
  • Rating: 40/100
  • Do we recommend it? No – Read further for an explanation
Vida Divina - Health And Wellness MLM Review

The company offers a wide range of dietary supplements, including herbal tea, coffee, meal substituting drinks, capsules, and some skincare products. Vida Divina is not a scam; it’s a legit multi-level marketing business. It also offers herbal treats for dogs. 

If you’re looking to earn some extra money, it’s possible that you can join Vida Divina as an affiliate.  However, the question is will you have success with multi-level marketing? In this Vida Divina review, you’ll be learning more about the opportunity it offers.

What Is Vida Divina?

Vida Divina - Health And Wellness MLM Review

Vida Divina is in fact a company that offers numerous products related to health and fitness, from certain herbal teas to immunity boosters. The top product of Vida Divina is the TeDivina Detox Tea produced by Dr. Esther Ramos.

Some of its other products include dietary supplements, Cafe Divina, makeup, meal replacement drinks for better weight management, and even dog treats. These products contain ingredients that are mainly used in the health and fitness industry. 

These ingredients include Ginkgo Biloba, Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), and more. Like many other companies offering nutritional supplements, Vida Divina also has an MLM business model. This means, you can purchase its products as a customer, plus you can also get yourself affiliated with this company. 

As an affiliate, you get an opportunity to earn bonuses and commissions by selling Vida Divina products. You can also earn a commission by making others join your team. The headquarters of Vida Divina is located in Ontario, California. 

A long-time network marketer named ‘Armand Puyolt’ founded this company in 2016. This company is accredited by and registered with the Better Business Bureau and has an impressive A+ rating.

Is Vida Divina a Pyramid Scheme?

No, it is not. Vida Divina is a legit multi-level marketing business. With pyramid schemes, you don’t need to sell a lot of products because such schemes don’t offer any actual product or service. The pyramid schemes usually have an unreasonably high initial investment or membership fee.

Although Vida Divina has an MLM business model, that doesn’t mean it is a pyramid scheme. However, as a whole, the MLM business model is riddled with problems. Network or Multi-level marketing has its own set of issues that make it very difficult to succeed with.

Is Success at Vida Divina Possible?

Success is usually rare, not only at Vida Divina but also at the other MLM-based companies. Multi-level marketing affiliates attract people with promises of handsome additional income along with work-life balance. But before getting impressed, take some time to unveil these fake promises with a reality check.

Vida Divina shows a disclaimer in its Income Disclosure statement that says, “Individual results may vary depending upon the commitment level, market conditions, and sales skills of each participant.”

What it actually offers its affiliates are the company projections instead. As per Vida Divina, an average affiliate can earn “$500 – $2000” every year. Keep in mind that it will be your gross annual income and not the monthly income. 

Vida Divina is similar to other MLM businesses I’ve reviewed such as:

What is Vida Divina’s Joining Fee?

You are required to purchase one starter package to join Vida Divina as an Affiliate. The “Basic Package” costs $135, the “Popular Package” costs $340, whereas the “Premium Package” costs $680. You can also purchase Vida Divina’s “Supreme Package” for $1,360.

What I Like About Vida Divina

Vida Divina offers many impressive products although it was launched only in 2016.  Its top-selling product is an herbal detox tea named “TeDivina”. This product is perfect for Tea lovers who want some additional benefits. 

Coffee lovers will surely love Vida Divina’s wide range of coffee products. You’ll have a hard time choosing because of its wide range of flavors. There’s a creamy latte, rich cappuccino, plain black, and Tongkat Ali-infused coffee.

If you have people in your social circle who are looking for some weight loss products, or some products good for overall health, you can always sell them Vida Divina’s Lean Meal Substitutes and a wide range of supplements. Vida Divina also offers an herbal treats for the dogs called “Gano Bites”. 

Vida Divina is one of the very few companies that has an A+ rating on the BBB website. Such a good rating indicates that the consumers and the affiliates are dealing with a legit company.

What I Dislike About Vida Divina

Nobody knows if the dietary supplements offered by Vida Divina are truly effective. The problem with Vida Divina’s dietary supplements is that nobody actually knows if these products are truly effective or not and whether they work for everybody. 

No two persons have similar body chemistry, so a single dietary supplement might be as effective as it is for the other person. That’s why such companies are bound to explicitly state this disclaimer by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. If these products are not intended to prevent or cure diseases, then why should we be using these products and why should we spend money on them? 

The MLM Business Model

You may have heard about the companies like Forever Living, Melaleuca Amway, and Herbalife already. They are similar to Viva Divina in the sense that they too are MLM-based companies. Joining a company that is based on MLM/Network Marketing seems to be a profitable and sensible choice for a lot of people. 

Unfortunately, most of the people who join MLM-based companies usually regret their decision as time goes on. They are left with nothing other than a garage or basement full of dietary supplements, protein shakes, and other physical merchandise they failed to sell.

Basically, MLM is flawed at its core. The commission structure these companies use to attract people is top-heavy. Almost all of their so-called top-sellers and pioneers make the most money, while the ones at the bottom don’t earn a penny even after many months. 

As per the Vida Divina disclaimer, the earnings depend upon the commitment level, selling skills, and market conditions, and an average affiliate can earn “$500 – $2000” every year. Let me make this clear: Making $500 to $2,000 per year is NOT good money. If making $500 to $2,000 per year for your multi-level marketing efforts is all you have to look forward to, then joining ANY MLM is a total waste of time.

Don’t Let The Multi-Level Marketing Hype Fool You

According to the website Business For Home, the statistics for Commission Payout MLM Industry In 2019 (34.79%) are as follows:

  • Per year: $41.31 billion
  • Every month: $3.44 billion
  • Per week: $794.46 million
  • Every day: $113.18 million
  • Per hour: $4.72 million
  • Everyminute: $78,600
  • Per second: $1,310.00

However, don’t get fooled by these statistics! The main problem with these figures is the fact that ALL MLMs are top-heavy. In other words, the people at the top of the structure are always making the most money.

The “average folk”, the bottom-feeders make very little money for their efforts. Thus, the reason why many MLMs are compared to a “Pyramid Scheme.” Here are some eye-opening statistics that are real facts, not hype:

12 Facts About Multi-Level Marketing You Need To Know Before Making A Decision to Join ANY MLM.

  1. According to FTC, 99% of all MLM participants lose money 
  2. The chances of profiting by starting your own small business are 38% more than by joining an MLM 
  3. The profitability rate of running an online business is 10% – 20% higher than the profitability rate of joining an MLM
  4. According to AARP Foundation, 47% of MLM participants lose money and 27% make no money whatsoever
  5. Among the 26% who actually earn a profit, 53% of them earn less than $5000 a year
  6. 39% of MLM participants quit because pitching products and services to friends and family jeopardized their relationships
  7. At least 50% of MLM reps quit within 1 year after joining an MLM and 95% quit within 10 years
  8. 75% of those who have joined and left an MLM state that they would never join another MLM in their life
  9. A 2018 poll of 1049 MLM reps across various companies found that most of them make less than 70 cents an hour, 
  10. 20% of them never made a sale
  11. 60% of them had earned less than $500 in sales over the past five years
  12. 32% of them acquired credit card debt to finance their MLM involvement

Is Vida Divina A Scam?

No, Vida Divina isn’t a scam. It’s a legit multi-level marketing company with products that are liked by its clients. However, if you are looking for a great source of money to boost your income, and see Vida Divina s a divine opportunity to achieve your dream, then I’m afraid that you are going to be really disappointed in the end. 

There are various alternatives out there to make more money and give a boost to your income. The biggest problem with MLMs like this is that you are at the mercy of the company and its products. And if you don’t get good support from the company, you will never succeed. 

The minute your “downline” starts quitting, it’s the beginning of the end of whatever success you’ve managed to achieve. People enjoy the idea of MLMs because they think that all they have to do is sell products and recruit enough people to form a large downline that will earn sizeable commissions for them.

In reality, it’s usually much more involved with multi-level marketing than what people understand. Your first clue is the amount of money you have to invest before you sell your first product. If you are looking to build an online business that can bring you life-changing income for years to come, affiliate marketing is a business model that has proven to be successful.

The Choice Is Yours

With affiliate marketing there are none of the following:

  • “Opportunity” meetings
  • Recruiting family or friends
  • Buying products in order to maintain your rank in the company
  • Weekly or monthly sales meetings
  • The pressure of constantly calling people you hope are interested

You’ll get the best support the industry has to offer – in fact, 24/7 support 365 days a week! Also, you’ll also get a website, hosting, step-by-step training, and some pretty awesome tools to ensure your success. 

The learning portal I recommend will accommodate you regardless if you are a visual learner or a reading learner. If you can follow directions, you can succeed with affiliate marketing.It costs you nothing to click the link below and check out a stress-free way to build an online business.

The choice is yours, my friend!

Talk Soon,


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